This is an image of one of Lowcountry Vistas Native Landscape Design's residential landscape designs in Mt. Pleasant SC, zip code 29466. In it, you can see that native Charleston landscape designer Seth Mason uses native, low-maintenance plants made especially for the SC Lowcountry, including palmettos, other native palms, and native coastal grasses.


Creative, Balanced Landscape Design Plans

As a Charleston native with 30+ years of Lowcountry horticulture experience and an artist with an eye for design that can’t be learned, I offer native, low-maintenance landscape design plans that balance creativity and practicality. As a businessman and an M.B.A., I approach my designs from a cost/benefit perspective as well as the perspective of an artist, native horticulture expert, and proud Lowcountry native.

You get much more from my landscape design plans than the competition’s:

First and foremost, you get the native, low-maintenance landscape design philosophy of a (rare) Charleston native who has 30+ years of local horticulture experience. You get the expertise of a native Lowcountry landscape designer who dedicates himself to harmonizing his customers’ properties with the native Lowcountry ecosystem.


You also get:

  • Easy to read, color-coded renderings.
  • Revisions of the design plan at no additional cost, if requested.
  • Examples photos of all plants and materials to be installed.
  • A narrative that explains the design for your benefit and to gain HOA/governmental approval, if needed.
  • Installation cost analysis.

After you get the plan you want, we can move onto installation. Most customers who hire me to create their native, low-maintenance landscape design plans also hire me to install them. I believe in using specialists for the various elements of the installations; I work with trusted contractors who specialize in everything from trees and shrubs, hardscaping and patios, fences and decks, pools, fire pits, landscape lighting, outdoor kitchens, etc.

The design processes is convenient, timely, and thorough:

1) You and I have a conversation about your goals and challenges and you share with me as much information as you have available (photos and/or videos of the property, a site plan, etc.). If additional information is required (more photos and/or videos, etc.), I’ll either send someone out to obtain it or I’ll visit the property myself.There’s no charge for this initial consultation…you can request one by pressing the button at the bottom of any page of this site.


2) I can usually send a first draft of the design plan within a week of hire.


3) After you review the draft, we can schedule a conversation to discuss it, or we can correspond by email.


4) If changes are requested, I make them and send subsequent drafts.


5) Once you approve the plan and are ready to get started on the installation, I’ll send an estimator out and start lining up contractors.

Sample Native, Low-Maintenance Lowcountry Landscape Design Plans

Please see the Residential Landscape Design Plans page and the Commercial Landscape Design Plans page for examples of my plans, which include a color-coded rendering, example photos of plants and materials to be used, a narrative that explains the design, and a list of projected costs.

To request a free consultation, please press the button at the bottom of this page or any page of this site. I look forward to harmonizing your residential or commercial property with the natural beauty of the Lowcountry!


-Seth Mason,
Owner, Lowcountry Vistas Native Landscape Design
Charleston, SC