I believe in lifelong learning, and I’m constantly conducting research for my landscape design plans and landscape installation projects. Through my research, I sometimes come across landscaping videos I believe would be of use to customers. So, I’ve decided to share some of them here.


This stop-motion short is entertaining and gives you an idea of what the installation of accenting hardscapes might look like. It was filmed in another part of the country, but the building process is the same regardless of location.




This video contains some great inspiration for patio design. I thought about it recently when I created a landscape design plan for a new residential property on James Island.




Although it’s not uncommon for the Lowcountry to experience freezes in the winter, the area’s climate does allow for the growth of a number of tropicals. This is a good overview of growing tropicals in Charleston.




This video provides some tips for planting a low maintenance garden. I prefer zoned irrigation over drip lines (drip lines can get cut, and damage doesn’t become apparent until plants start to die), but the rest of the information is good.




Bowl gardens make great accents for entryways and patios. Downtown Charleston is full of them. This is a good intro to bowl gardening using succulents.