Hi, I’m Seth Mason, James Island native and owner and sole employee of Lowcountry Vistas Charleston Landscape Design and Installation. From the time I was 9 years old, I took pride in caring for my mother’s yard on the Island. The son of an artist and a lover of nature, making my mom’s yard look good became of a passion of mine at a young age. Years later, after having earned my M.B.A. during the 2008 Financial Crisis, I took part-time landscaping work to get by. In time, I came to realize that landscape design and installation was my calling: It combines my love of sculpting Charleston natural beauty, business acumen, and fresh air and sun. After earning my landscaping chops working alongside a fellow devotee to Charleston horticulture, I went on my own and started Lowcountry Vistas in 2015. Lowcountry Vistas is more than just a job to me. It’s a dream. I love improving peoples’ properties through my landscape design plans and landscape installations. Make sure to take advantage of my free consultation limited-time offer to learn more about what I can do for you!

Charleston Landscape Design Mosquito Repelling Plants

Incorporating Mosquito-Repelling Plants Into Lowcountry Landscape Designs

  Mosquitoes are an unfortunate fact of life here in the South Carolina Lowcountry. More than just a nuisance, these blood-suckers can pose a health risk, particularly with the recent arrival of the Zika Virus. Fortunately, a number of mosquito-repelling plants can be incorporated into landscape designs throughout the region. Many of them are native.…

Seth Mason Charleston SC Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantees on Landscape Installations and Yard Makeovers

Landscape installations and yard makeovers are significant financial investments. A sizable makeover project can cost thousands of dollars. Customers want an assurance that the projects they’re spending good money for will last. As such, I’m offering lifetime guarantees on all aspects of my installation and makeover work with the purchase of regular full-service maintenance. The…

Charleston Residential Landscape Design - Yard Makeover for Rent

Looking to Exchange Landscaping in Lieu of Rent in the Charleston Area

  I’m downsizing, and I’m looking for the opportunity to exchange my residential landscaping services for tenancy in the Charleston area in lieu of rent. This could be an ideal situation for owners of investment property or part-time residents. In exchange for tenancy, I’d be disposed to do anything landscape-related that would increase the aesthetic…